Sunday, March 29, 2009

Light and Shadow Reading

OK, I decided it was time for me to do something with my PDR once again. It's been over two weeks and I've missed it. :-) Since I hadn't done the Light and Shadow spread yet that's what I've got.

1)Significator - 4 of Wands (keyword Celebration)
Well this is a nice card to have as my significator! Alot of partying and happiness - music and dancing! I do actually feel like that right now too! I've had a really good, relaxing weekend so far. No physical partying and dancing but alot of internal fun times. LOL
2) The Light - Elemental Centaur/Satyr (keywords Instinctive, Common Sense)
OK, this card represents the earth elementals - which I very much relate to. They are trotting along paying attention to their surroundings and listening to what the earth and animals have to say. This is the what I always try to do. I listen to my instincts, my intuition......well mostly! LOL And know when I do that my life is easier and flows better.
3) How I move farther into the Shadow - 9 of Swords (keyword Clairvoyance)
Those of you who've been reading my PDR know I've gotten this card quite often. I find it VERY interesting to see it here in this position.....very fitting actually. I do have to keep this in mind all the time. I can get down in the dumps and sad sometimes because of what I "hear and see" empathically. I can also spiral down myself when I get down on myself. My empathy and intuition can get the better of me sometimes. So it's very fitting to see this card in the "how I move farther into the shadow" position.
4) The Shadow - 4 of Cups (keywords Misplaced Beliefs)
Another card I've had often lately!! I seeing a trend here. LOL My shadow is not paying attention to the good and focusing on the negative too often. This is truely one of my issues. I try VERY hard to always see something good in every situation. Of course it doesn't always work. I do get caught up in negativity sometimes. The indian in this picture is looking into the water trying to find things that are hidden, instead of looking up at the white eagle right in front of him bringing the cup to him. OH! That is a very important sentence for me to remember!!!!!!! I do pick at things from all angles, trying to see everything, every aspect, which sometimes makes me miss things right in front of me. Wow! This is really striking a chord with me. I NEED to remember this!!
5) How I can move farther into the Light - Queen of Wands (keyword Inspirational)
This is nice! She's very sure of herself. She's got her own protection with her staff and her own animal to call upon. But even though she looks quite ferocious if you look at her dress and animal, when you look at her face she is very confident and almost looks like she could start smiling. So for me to move farther into the light I need to quit looking for hidden things (4 of Cups) and be sure I will be able to take care of myself....whatever pops up. Live in the Light!!! This whole card is very sunlike!
This reading is very appropriate for me right now. I've been looking at intuition and my empathy as a hidden gift....something that I have to fight to keep under control or some inner thing not to be brought into the light. (I didn't even realize I've been thinking this way either) What the Queen of Wands and Earth Elemental are telling me is it's no big deal. I should allow it to be out there in the light, in my day to day actions. The keywords - Instinctive and Inspirational, are ones I am going to keep in the forefront of my mind.
I just feel like jumping up and down and going DUH!! LOL This spread has really opened my eyes to some of the things I've been doing and believing that when I look at head on I know I shouldn't have been thinking that way. Empathy and intuition are not things only to be pulled out at night, in the dark. They are there in the light of day and can help me get through life in an easier manner and flow.
I'm not quite explaining myself how I want to. I don't mean that I've believed empathy and intuition are bad or negative things. I've never believed that. But I guess, without meaning to, they have become something in my mind that should be mysterious. Yes, that's it. Instead of just being a day to day thing I live with I've made them somehow mysterious and ????? can't think of the word. Whatever though. LOL Because I've just realized I've been doing that and it's stopped now.
I think I'm going to be coming back to this reading now and again. It's an important one for me to remember!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Having a bad day.......

I'm having a bit of an icky day today. Just don't feel emotionally good. So I thought I'd do a reading to see how I can help myself enjoy the day more. I did a 3 card spread......

1) What should I do today?

2) What shouldn't I do today?

3) Overall

1) What should I do today? - 9 of Swords - keywords Clairvoyance

This is the "nightmare" card in other decks, but here when I look at this card I see her ignoring the perceived scary darkness around her and paying more attention to her intuition. She does have a tear in her eye, but she's concentrating on getting past it. Sometimes knowledge can be scary......where does your intuition really come from? Should you trust it or not? She always knows more than she really is comfortable knowing. And this is so me!!! Sometimes I wish I could just LIVE my life in ignorance of what more there is in the universe. Then of course I come back to myself and love that I don't. LOL But there are times........ So what's she's telling me to do today is accept that I can access more than just the everyday information. Yes, sometimes it's hard, but overall I really do like that it's there for me to see.

2) What shouldn't I do today? - 4 of Cups - keywords Misplaced Beliefs

This indian brave is sitting there completely ignoring the white eagle coming to bring him a full cup. He's got his head down, not looking at anything more than feeling sorry for himself. There is alot of depth and beauty in his surroundings but he's not paying a bit of attention to any of it. So I shouldn't close myself off today. Pay attention to what is around me, not just wallowing in the negative emotions I have been feeling so far today. Look up! Pay attention! There are people, things, etc that are there to help me if I only look up to see them.

3) Overall - Tower - keywords Self Awakening

Eek! But this Tower card shows someone grasping the lightning....using it to expand his awareness.....maybe burning away that which he does not need anymore. hmmmm.......I just saw a small person down at the bottom of the tower looking up. From where he is he can't quite see what's happening at the top, but he's curious. He wants to know. Maybe this is telling me it's a journey to self awakening. You start at the bottom and work your way up to where you can access and ride the lightning. It's not an easy pathway, but through determination and commitment it can be done.

OK, so how to put this all together????? To me it's almost as if the 9 of Swords and the Tower are two parts of the same thought. That it's not always easy. Sometimes the most rewarding things give you doubts every now and again. I love the spiritual work I do, but sometimes wish it wasn't so hard. And sometimes I do want to just wallow in my misery. LOL Of course all that does it make me feel worse, but..... LOL So I should be looking at today as part of the journey. I am heading where I want to be going, but it is hard sometimes. I think mostly because of my doubts and uncertainty. I think I make it harder than it needs to be and I'm being told to snap out of it. LOL Just accept!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Daily message

OK, today I drew the Water Elemental - Mermaid. (Keywords are Altruistic, Bountiful)
Emotions will be high today. It's up to me to decide whether to allow the positive or negative emotions to be in the forefront. This little mermaid seems to have alot of friends surrounding her, but she's staring off into space (well the water LOL) not paying any attention to them. Or at second glance she's looking straight into the fish right above her.
She has just given me an example of truely paying attention. My first impression was she was closing herself off. But upon looking closer I see she is probably conversing with the fish.
So the way I see this now I'm to pay attention to the way I'm comprehending things today. My first impression may be wrong.....or at least I could see things in a better light if I look closer. Don't just take things at face value today.
I love the white dolphin smiling up in the corner. I need to keep him with me today to keep an inner smile going all day long. :-)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Daily draw

I've been having a hard time figuring out a spread to do and "making" myself do it. All the sudden I was like......why do I have to do a spread. I was getting alot of information out of just one card before. LOL So that's what I've done. I drew a card for today.

And I drew the King of Fire (keyword Passion). Which at first glance is a strange card for me today. All morning I've felt very laid back, not too excited about anything. So as of right now I'm a bit confused. It'll be interesting to see what the day brings from here on out. Now I do have a busy afternoon and evening. This is the quiet part of my day. But it's also not crazy busy either. hmmm......

But let's just go from here. What does the King of Fire have to tell me? Maybe I ought to bring more passion into my day. I'm too laid back right now. Sometimes when you're too laid back you can fall into boring. He's asking me where my passion is!

I do really have a connection with dragons. Maybe I need to talk to them today. Become one with the dragon as this King is. Dragons can be laid back but don't ever think they are easy going because of that laid back nature. They can breath fire when they want to. LOL

So today I'm this Dragon Lord! I can be laid back but still have that passionate fire burning inside!!! Burn away boring! LOL

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Fifth Tarot Message

As some of you already have read on Aeclectic, souljourney and I were extremely happy and surprised to have Martien and Teressena, creators of the Fifth Tarot, at our very first tarot meetup group! They are such wonderful people.....very spiritual and just happy people.

Anyway I didn't have much money at the moment, but knew I wanted to buy at least one deck to send to a friend for her birthday coming up next month. I thought I'd just buy myself one later. ROFL Yeah, right!! (grinning) I kept telling myself that up until I met them and saw the deck. LOL So yes, I bought two right then. hehehe

I was kind of playing around last night with the deck. There is just so much information you can pull out of each card that I wasn't planning on doing any particular reading I just thought I'd do a small 3 card spread mostly just to see how they looked laid out and what I could get intuitively. So I laid down a "mind, body, spirit" layout. Well when I saw what had come up I knew I was getting more important information than I planned on. And because of that I thought I'd post it here and kind of figure it out as I type. Of course I'm more than open to comments as it's a completely new deck for me and I would love any thoughts from you all.

Card 1 - Mind Nine of Shells (keyword - Gratitude)
This really shows that all my wishes can and are coming true. I have my own little genie in a bottle that's right here granting my wishes. The lemniscate made with the string of pearls shows me this will continue without end - as long as I continue to allow it to happen. Sometime we can be our own worst enemy - blocking things because we think they're too good to be true. Which is, yes, kind of silly!! LOL But we all do it from time to time. And as this is in the Mind position, it shows me even more that I need to mentally allow this to happen. It is happening now because I'm letting it flow, but would stop if I start getting those pesky doubts.

Card 2 - Body Nine of Lotus (keyword - Transcendence)
Ok, here's a card from the fifth minor suit they have added to this deck. It stands for the element of ether - the spirit element. The monk/person is meditating with such focus and clarity that he has achieved body mastery enough to float above the ground.
The interesting thing with this card showing up in the body position is I've noticed that aches and pains in my body that have been there for years are now getting better. I was just talking to a friend about this the other day. I actually feel my spine is lengthening. I feel taller. :-) And my whole life I've had trouble with the stucture of my hips. They have always been tight - even as a child. But now I feel more movement in them than I have in a long time. Now isn't that supposed to happen the other way around? The older you get the less movement you have? But I do feel I'm getting physically healthier lately.

Card 3 - Spirit Nine of Fire (keyword - Flow)
Spiritually the fires are flowing, the passion is there. There are many volcanos errupting in this card. There is the one right in front which does catch my attention, but look at the ring of them in the background. What is being created in the center of that ring? It may not be seen quite yet, but it does have to be very powerful to be created from all the energy out of 8 volcanos. And I see the one in the forefront as being the conductor of that energy. What is created by the ring in the back is brought to me by the volcano in the front. The lava is flowing right out of the card to me.

Now putting this all together......yes there are 3 Nine's!!!! I found that extremely eye opening. Made me really sit up and notice this reading, even though I thought I was just playing around. LOL The book talks of nines as.... "It is considered a sacred number because of it's trinity of trinities (3 x 3) or a triad of threes. As the last single digit number, it represents completion and signifies fulfillment and attainment" I find it very interesting that in this layout of 3 cards I got 3 nines. That is one heck of alot of 3's!!
This reading is telling me I've got it made! LOL If I don't allow my mind and "known" physical laws tell me I can't have this. Spiritually the passion and creative fires are burning hot!! I can't wait to really see what is being created right now.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Card for today

I decided to draw a card for today. Things have been pretty crazy but crazy. So here I have the 9 of Swords that in most decks talks of nightmares. But in the Merryday it's more a intuitive, clairvoyance meaning. which I know can get into some nightmarish stuff if you don't know what's going on. And she does have a small tear coming out of her eye. Even with that tear though she doesn't look upset to me. She looks kind of calm and introspective. I've looked at this card before and actually missed that tear.

So what is this trying to tell me about my day and what I'll find? I need to listen to my inner knowing. Listen to my guides, they will be there to help. There might be some sadness but if I do listen to my guides that will help.

Oh, the colors here are dark purples, blues and blacks, making me think it's night. And lately at night, around 11:00, for some reason I've been getting a bit down....kind of depressed. I do have some hormonal things going on and think that's why it's happening. But I wonder if she's trying to tell me something about this? The sadness I feel at's OK to feel it. To just stay calm and let it happen. Listen to my guides and angels.

And the funny thing is I haven't been letting it bother me too much. Just a couple of days ago I started taking some St John's Wort - very good for lifting the spirits.

Nighttime is the time for quiet and introspection. Things will come up that the noise of the day covers. So listen to my guides and let these things get worked out and released without letting them bother me too much.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

uncomfortable guest

OK, for those of you who don't know my Mother and I had been living with my aunt and uncle because my uncle has altzheimers. Let me tell you it was hell!! Not because of my uncle (he was wonderful, even with his altzheimers), but my aunt was and is crazy.....which I never saw until living with them.

Well about 6 months ago my uncle had gotten bad enough that Mom and I talked to my aunt about moving into an assisted living facility. We wanted her to put my uncle in an altzheimers unit where he could get the help he needed and my aunt wasn't so overwhelmed. She decided she wanted to move into this one facility and went to set things up with them. Well when she came back she told us that instead of putting Johnny into the altzheimers unit and getting herself an apartment she had bought a duplex for both of them in the independent living area!!! WHAT?

Well now 6 months later he passed out and had to be put into the hospital. Then the doctor wouldn't release him back to live at home. She HAD to put him in a facility. Well long story short....I know too late LOL.......there's been a bunch of hoopla and she can't put him in the place they moved to and she's not listening to anyone and making a bunch of bad decisions. Now on her way to look at another facility that's cheaper, with another aunt and uncle to help, they stopped by our house to visit.

It had taken me almost the whole 6 months to calm down again, get out of that chaotic mindset that she inspires, and get back to being me. And now after the visit, which was only a couple of hours, I'm fighting letting her pull me back into her chaos. So I drew a couple of cards.

Card #1 is What should I do right now to keep myself away from being pulled back into a chaotic mindset? I got the 5 of Wands.

That at first seemed almost like something I should NOT do, but when I look at the keywords it says "Inspired Chaos". And these people in the card are not truely fighting they are having fun. So maybe I ought to take the chaos that my aunt brings to me and use it as a fun challenge to practice keeping more inner control. I mean I don't have to let her drag me down to her level. I know that in my head, but it is much easier to say than do! If I look in the book it says "This card is meant to describe bringing order out of chaos with integrity and honor." And that is very much what I should be doing right now!!

Card #2 is What should I NOT do right now? I got Summer Warrior, another Wand. (Knight of Wands)

This Summer Warrior goes charging into almost anything. He's all energy and enthusiasum. Keyword "Enthusiastic". So I need to stay centered. Not allow myself to get all caught up in the chaos and get confused, which would lead to me not making informed decisions or reacting in ways I wouldn't normally if I allowed myself to think it through.

It's interesting that both cards were wands. And really I can't do....well I won't do....anything other than give my emotional support. My Mom and I both wore ourselves out completely by living with them for 3 years. I still love my aunt immensely, but she's very self absorbed and pretty selfish. So now that other family members have come in to help I am just staying out of it. But even having the "what I should do" card be a action card.....I'm reacting to this by saying "Not on your life!" I am NOT allowing myself to get involved like that again. Although by looking at both of these cards in mental and emotional ways (even though they're action cards) they make alot of sense. Not allow her to get me caught up in her enthusiastic chaos and dragged in with her, but let myself learn from this situation - staying calm, centered, and confident.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Tarot meetup reading

Well souljourney and I have started a new tarot meetup group in Kansas City. So she thought it would be a good idea if I did a reading with my Merryday tarot and she would do a reading with her Pathfinder animals. That way we can get a good overview from two different perspectives. I thought that sounded like a great idea. So here's my tarot reading.

The first card is "what should we watch out for" - 10 of Pentacles

I see this as meaning we should watch out for being overly complacent. The meeting will go good, but when you get overly settled in things they can get boring. We need to keep the conversation going - the two people walking along - and not get too settled - the woman all covered and a bit closed off in the front.

The second card is "what should we focus on" - 7 of Cups

We should keep our dreams. Let the meeting go the way we want to, but also be open to other suggestions. We need to not loose sight of our dreams. ......the reasons we started the meetup in the first place. But not get too rigid in our thinking that we can't allow new dreams to pop up.

The third card is "overall" - Student

Well after all the whole point of this meetup group is to study! LOL So I think this just says it all.

Wow! This really just kind of fell together didn't it? LOL Sounds like if we keep our focus we're going to have a great group. We're both really looking forward to it. And we've already gotten a big response from others too! I do think it's interesting that we have to watch out for the 10 of Pents. If that's what we have to watch out for I'd say we're going to be good! Of course that is an issue though, so we will pay attention.

Friday, January 23, 2009

deck reacquiring phase

I've been in a huge reacquiring phase lately. I've been buying decks I used to have......and quite a few of them. LOL I'm enjoying them immensely. So it's not like I feel remorse after getting them again. As a matter of fact I'm flipping through and enjoying them all.

But I've been wondering why I'm doing this. I've always been the type to only keep the ones I use. If I hadn't used them in over a year I traded or sold them. Now though alot of those I had before - used for awhile, then traded away - I'm wanting again. Since this is so opposite of what I've always done I decided to do a reading to see what I can find out about this.

And I'm of course using my PDR deck, the Merryday, which is one of those reacquistion decks I used to have years ago and reacquired just recently. (grin)

So I asked "Why am I reacquiring so many decks right now?" And this is what I got.

Card #1 - What I get out of it/them. 10 of Pentacles (key word Completion)
This is very interesting and reassuring. Maybe I'm coming full circle here. Alot of the decks I'm rebuying are ones I did like before but just never seemed to "get". And now that I've learned more and am more confident with my skills I can get more out of them.
What jumps out at me from this picture is the couple talking in the background. They are enjoying themselves. Just walking and talking. It seems I'm able to enjoy and "talk" to my decks better than I used to. They're like old friends now.
Card #2 - What I need to watch out for in doing all this reacquiring. Elemental (Centaur, Satyr) - (key words Instinctive, Common Sense)
This elemental seems to be telling me that even though I have all these decks I love and can communicate with, make sure I don't always run to my decks to answer questions. Trust my instincts and use common sense too.
The Centaur and Satyr in this card are setting off on a journey. They don't pull out the cards to tell them which way to go or what to do. LOL They use their knowledge and being sensitive to their surroundings to lead the way.
Card #3 - Outcome. Fire Dragon (key words Contained Fire)
By getting all these decks back I'll be energized. I'll be running full steam ahead. LOL The fire dragon is straight energy. But in this card he is somewhat contained. OK, I was getting a bit stumped as to what this meant exactly so I looked him up in the book. (giggle) This is what it says.
"The pure element of fire, when unleased, can scorch or burn. When held in check, fire can enlighten or inspire. Our dragon has four chains around his neck, which binds his fire from being destructive. This is a fierce dragon representing spirit, intuition, motivation, and activity. In a chart, it ushers in warmth, healing, spiritual enlightenment, and the breath of inspiration. Pure and unadulterated, it is able to singe and scald, but when restrained, fire will ignite an idea or situation with hope and insight. A wonderful card when it comes up in reference to an idea or project, as it's purity of integrity and inspiration is unmatched."
Which tells me that by reacquiring all these decks I will have all these different ways to inspire and motivate myself. I will also beable to open my intuition and get new ideas and insight. hmm..... I like that.

Monday, January 19, 2009

issues with someone in a study group

I'm in another study group that does conference calls on saturdays. It's new group...just started about a month ago. But it already is growing quickly. The guy who is "in charge" is very nice and helpful, but of course he wants and needs help.
Well he had asked me to help with something before the calls even started. And now he says he doesn't even remember emailing with me on this. (We emailed back and forth for 2 days???) It's very strange as I wasn't hinting or even expecting to be asked to help. I was excited to do so, but it wasn't anything I was pushing for or even expecting to be needed.
Then there's been other instances where he's forgotten me in the group too??? It's just extremely weird and I don't understand what's going on, because as I said he is a very nice guy and we didn't even know each other before a month ago. Since something similar has happened 3 times now I thought I'd do a reading to see if I could get a handle on what is happening - what I might do, or shouldn't do.

So the first card I drew was "his point of view - what's going on with him that I ought to know". I drew the Student - his keyword is curiosity. The Student corresponds to the Chariot in other decks.

This student is on a quest. He's on a quest to discover as much as he can - about whatever he's intent on mastering. He will explore all options to learn as much as he can to. But that also means he can seem oblivious to other things around him. Other things are not as important as his studies.

Now thinking about me in this "world". I'm not as important as his studies and learning and hopefully mastering. So even though he is sort of in charge of this study group, to him it's not the most important thing. In his mind he can let it fall to the wayside if it gets in the way of what's important to him......learning.

And that does make perfect sense in the realm of our study group.

Now the card I drew for me - "my point of view in this" is the Fool/Wizard. Keywords of Naivete and Wisdom. Again this makes perfect sense for me here too!

I am new to this group. Now while the study group is a new thing alot of these people have met each other before at workshops. I haven't met any of them before joining. I did get involved with this group thinking everything would be great. It's a spiritual group. Everyone will be wonderful, with no problems. LOL Yep, kind of naive.

But if you also look at this card the flip side of this fool is a Wizard. You can create wonderful things when you believe you can! Without the preconceived notions of rules and limitations.

Although looking at this card the Fool figure is facing forward, but the Wizard is looking behind. Maybe the things that are created might not be visible until you/I have some hindsight. hmmm..... Maybe some of the things I'm going through right now as the Fool will later show themselves to be wonderful creations I'm not aware of now.

The third card was the problem or issue between the two of us. I drew the 8 of Wands. Keyword Conduit.

If you think of this card with the "regular" meaning - things are moving so fast that in Andrew's mind sometimes things will get left behind. And lately that's been me. But are there other people getting the same treatment as me? Has he forgotten about others emails and conversations with other people? Very possibly.

Then if I move to the keyword specific for this deck and think of our issues as a conduit???? Maybe they are happening for another reason. Happening so other things may happen in the future????

Now the 4th card is "What can I do to help?" And I got the Winter King. Keywords Keen, Strong, Patient. This is the King of Pentacles in other decks.

What I get the most here is Patience. Stick to my beliefs and morals, but be patient with what's going on with this group. There will be growing pains. There usually are. Especially in something that seems to be taking off as fast as this is.

This king looks very calm and collected. Doesn't look to be rattled by much of anything.

So if I call upon the Winter King's patience, be strong, and pay attention to what exactly is happening, I can handle what happens without "loosing it" or getting upset anymore.

Now though the "Outcome" card I drew is the 4 of Cups. Keyword "Misplaced Beliefs". I'm not quite sure how to take this.

If I look at this artwork and place myself in the Indian's place I see the white Eagle bringing me something wonderful. But at the same time this Indian doesn't even see the Eagle coming. He's too intent on trying to see what's beneath the surface of the water. Trying to see in depths he can't understand. If he would just look up and see what's coming, instead of looking down too deep........hmmm.......

But this is the outcome if I don't change anything. Also though the outcome if I follow the Winter King's advice. ??????

While I like the white Eagle bringing me something, I don't like the focus being on things I don't need to be dwelling on. So while the rest of the reading makes perfect sense to me I'm not quite sure how to take this outcome card. I'll need to think about this some more. And of course any comments would be appreciated.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Merryday tarot book

I've just gotten the Merryday book in the mail today! Interestingly enough though I'm not sure how much I'll use it. Although there is alot more information in there than just the card meanings. Alot of numerology....interesting, but very different, strange numerology. It's pretty much Louisa Poole's own brand of numerology. LOL
One thing I love though is she goes into quite a lot of depth with the symbols used in the cards. So what I might do in the future is interpret the reading on my own then go into the book and see what symbols she's used and add that to my understanding.
As a little advertisement! For those of you who really like the Merryday deck and book but can't seem to find it anywhere......Dark Star Philosophies has more of both the deck and book coming and will have them both in stock very shortly (if not already) and were very helpful. Even to the point of giving me a phone call because they had a question for me about how I wanted it shipped. Very nice and helpful!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Daily card

Since aeclectic is still down I thought it would be a good time to draw another card for the day. And this one is very appropriate for me! Mediation, tranquility, slowing down.

I've been doing this since Christmas but still need it. This gentleman is very tranquil and serene.....setting there meditating.

For quite a while I've just been going and going and going. Now it's time to slow down or my body will make me slow down. It already has a bit.....I'm still trying to completely get rid of this head cold/sinus infection. MADE me slow down.

I love that in this card, while the room is kind of monochromatic - even to the point of his clothes being so, there is a picture of nature showing water, mountains, and green grass and trees. I see the monochromatic color as a way to slow the mind down.

And......I just realized something. This "picture" could very well be a window. So the monochromatic color of the room slows and calms the mind down before going back out into the, while beautiful, sometimes hectic outside world!! hmmm......I'd never seen this in the card before. Makes perfect since to me though.
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This is my card of the day. The 8 of cups shows me I will beable (and should) leave behind old emotional
thought patterns and issues. Moving forward. Who know what I'll find if I open myself up by letting go of old
This card is lovely. The Indian man is ready to move into the mysterious area shown by the moon. He's looking toward the doorway cut through the rocks. What's through it - on the other side? He doesn't know but he's ready to see. He's got his back to us (the present) and is looking forward to the future - the unknown.

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Monday, January 5, 2009

PDR - my first reading

OK, I've done my first reading for the PDR study. This is going to be fun! I asked "What will I learn from this study?" I drew 3 cards - didn't specify any meanings to each space. I just read what came up.

The first card is Water Warrior (Knight of Cups). She talks of emotional release....not holding onto emotions just letting them flow like water. Along with Release her other keyword is me this means I'll have to be aware of how this release may become like a tsunami - out of control and overwhelming - if I'm not focused and paying attention. During this study she will be here to teach and show me how to allow my emotions to flow like water without overwhelming me.

The second card is the 8 of Swords. The keywords here are Sense Awareness. The guy in this card is blindfolded but also very aware of what is going on around him. Through the path of swords and the stream of water he is moving through what looks like a tai chi type movement. He shows how you can have all these distractions around you but still be able to concentrate on what you are doing. So this study will help me awaken my other senses and be open to making mental leaps that I may not have been able to do before.

The third card is Mentor (Heirophant). He is showing me by setting boundaries and goals I can learn. I've never been one for too many goals. LOL But he's here to show me how you can learn and build upon that learning by sticking with something and paying attention. In the past I have always just kind of muddled about how I felt drawn. In doing that I don't stick with anything long enough to really get deep learning. Mentor's keyword is Earth Knowledge. And by listening to him and setting this boundaries and goals I will be more grounded with my knowledge and beable to pass it on more easily. He's a very kindly, friendly soul here in this card and passes on his knowledge freely.

It's interesting that I got one cup and sword in this I struggle with my emotions and thinking about things too much. Both of those can overwhelm me to the point where I can't move forward if I let it get to that point. So this PDR will help me with this. I like that. And to have a major arcana show up also lets me know this will not be just a day to day learning. It will be deeper than that. It's also funny that the Mentor is the major arcana card - as I've always had trouble with the Heirophant in other decks. I don't do well with authority figures usually. LOL But in this deck he's such a friendly, nonthreatening figure that I feel I can really learn from and with him!

So in listening to this reading I will really be focusing on the aspects within myself that I do need to pay attention to. That this PDR will be very good for me.

PDR - learning my Merryday tarot

This is my first blog! Ack!! I know it just took me this long to find something I really wanted to create one for. And now I have it!! I'm going to use this for the study of my Merryday tarot deck, by Louisa Poole. All images are copyright Louisa Poole. Of course other odds and ends will be included later I'm sure.
I drew a card last night to start me out. I got the Sun!!! What a wonderful card to get as a beginning. I'm not sure if I can add a photo after the fact, but will scan the card and include it later. For now though it shows an idealic world with little cherub-like fairies, a child-like satyr blowing his horn and a mermaid child below, all among other wonderful things. Then of course the Sun is shining above and smiling down on "the children". The word on the bottom of the card is "innocence".
This tells me my studies will be fun, exciting, and comfortable. Maybe a bit childlike and naive at times but there's nothing wrong with that when you mix it with all that's going on in the world right now. I can use a bit of childlike innocence now and again!!!