Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Fifth Tarot Message

As some of you already have read on Aeclectic, souljourney and I were extremely happy and surprised to have Martien and Teressena, creators of the Fifth Tarot, at our very first tarot meetup group! They are such wonderful people.....very spiritual and just happy people.

Anyway I didn't have much money at the moment, but knew I wanted to buy at least one deck to send to a friend for her birthday coming up next month. I thought I'd just buy myself one later. ROFL Yeah, right!! (grinning) I kept telling myself that up until I met them and saw the deck. LOL So yes, I bought two right then. hehehe

I was kind of playing around last night with the deck. There is just so much information you can pull out of each card that I wasn't planning on doing any particular reading I just thought I'd do a small 3 card spread mostly just to see how they looked laid out and what I could get intuitively. So I laid down a "mind, body, spirit" layout. Well when I saw what had come up I knew I was getting more important information than I planned on. And because of that I thought I'd post it here and kind of figure it out as I type. Of course I'm more than open to comments as it's a completely new deck for me and I would love any thoughts from you all.

Card 1 - Mind Nine of Shells (keyword - Gratitude)
This really shows that all my wishes can and are coming true. I have my own little genie in a bottle that's right here granting my wishes. The lemniscate made with the string of pearls shows me this will continue without end - as long as I continue to allow it to happen. Sometime we can be our own worst enemy - blocking things because we think they're too good to be true. Which is, yes, kind of silly!! LOL But we all do it from time to time. And as this is in the Mind position, it shows me even more that I need to mentally allow this to happen. It is happening now because I'm letting it flow, but would stop if I start getting those pesky doubts.

Card 2 - Body Nine of Lotus (keyword - Transcendence)
Ok, here's a card from the fifth minor suit they have added to this deck. It stands for the element of ether - the spirit element. The monk/person is meditating with such focus and clarity that he has achieved body mastery enough to float above the ground.
The interesting thing with this card showing up in the body position is I've noticed that aches and pains in my body that have been there for years are now getting better. I was just talking to a friend about this the other day. I actually feel my spine is lengthening. I feel taller. :-) And my whole life I've had trouble with the stucture of my hips. They have always been tight - even as a child. But now I feel more movement in them than I have in a long time. Now isn't that supposed to happen the other way around? The older you get the less movement you have? But I do feel I'm getting physically healthier lately.

Card 3 - Spirit Nine of Fire (keyword - Flow)
Spiritually the fires are flowing, the passion is there. There are many volcanos errupting in this card. There is the one right in front which does catch my attention, but look at the ring of them in the background. What is being created in the center of that ring? It may not be seen quite yet, but it does have to be very powerful to be created from all the energy out of 8 volcanos. And I see the one in the forefront as being the conductor of that energy. What is created by the ring in the back is brought to me by the volcano in the front. The lava is flowing right out of the card to me.

Now putting this all together......yes there are 3 Nine's!!!! I found that extremely eye opening. Made me really sit up and notice this reading, even though I thought I was just playing around. LOL The book talks of nines as.... "It is considered a sacred number because of it's trinity of trinities (3 x 3) or a triad of threes. As the last single digit number, it represents completion and signifies fulfillment and attainment" I find it very interesting that in this layout of 3 cards I got 3 nines. That is one heck of alot of 3's!!
This reading is telling me I've got it made! LOL If I don't allow my mind and "known" physical laws tell me I can't have this. Spiritually the passion and creative fires are burning hot!! I can't wait to really see what is being created right now.


souljourney said...

Very nice reading for "just playing around".
All you said about the three 9's was what I was thinking. Should be in an area of fulfillment if you don't get in your own way.
I got the feeling with the 9 of Cups it would be nice to do a Gratitude list or meditation or something.
I'm thinking of playing with mine tonight.

Roxanne / faunabay said...

I just had a look at the cards here in the blog. I hadn't noticed that all three cards have a circle in the top portion. Well I'm pushing it to say the 9 of shells is a circle, but it's close. hmmm..... I wonder if that has any meaning to me. Have to think about that some more.

pangolin said...

Three 9s -- how striking! I had also noticed the circles. Have you had any further ideas about their significance? To me they look like fullness, completion, wholeness...

If I'm not careful, this deck is going to end up on my wish list.

Sherry said...

Excellent reading. Nothing more to really add to it. Definitely will be thinking about this deck again.