Monday, February 2, 2009

Tarot meetup reading

Well souljourney and I have started a new tarot meetup group in Kansas City. So she thought it would be a good idea if I did a reading with my Merryday tarot and she would do a reading with her Pathfinder animals. That way we can get a good overview from two different perspectives. I thought that sounded like a great idea. So here's my tarot reading.

The first card is "what should we watch out for" - 10 of Pentacles

I see this as meaning we should watch out for being overly complacent. The meeting will go good, but when you get overly settled in things they can get boring. We need to keep the conversation going - the two people walking along - and not get too settled - the woman all covered and a bit closed off in the front.

The second card is "what should we focus on" - 7 of Cups

We should keep our dreams. Let the meeting go the way we want to, but also be open to other suggestions. We need to not loose sight of our dreams. ......the reasons we started the meetup in the first place. But not get too rigid in our thinking that we can't allow new dreams to pop up.

The third card is "overall" - Student

Well after all the whole point of this meetup group is to study! LOL So I think this just says it all.

Wow! This really just kind of fell together didn't it? LOL Sounds like if we keep our focus we're going to have a great group. We're both really looking forward to it. And we've already gotten a big response from others too! I do think it's interesting that we have to watch out for the 10 of Pents. If that's what we have to watch out for I'd say we're going to be good! Of course that is an issue though, so we will pay attention.


souljourney said...

That is a lovely reading... so we have to watch out for being to successful maybe. Too many people, needing more space.
The Student... how perfect is that!
And keep our dreams... interesting how that was a focus in our discussions. Keep oracles a big part of it, and some things we didn't like based on the last group.
Super reading!

myrrha said...

I love that you got the Seven of Cups as what to focus on, and your interpretation of it. A very nice reading and clearly it will be a great group!

pangolin said...

What a clear reading -- each card made so much sense. It sounds like the group is going to be a success.

Roxanne / faunabay said...

I thought it sounds like we're going to have alot of fun and be successful with this group too! Yea!

Gary Karp said...

Great Reading!! Mazel Tove on getting your group of the ground! Keep us informed on how it's going.

Sherry said...

Great reading. Looks like it is going to work out great.

Cat said...

Looks as though your group will be a great success.
I can also see the 7 Cups challenging you be creative and imaginative in your approach to the study as opposed to sticking to the traditional...10 P.
Good luck!

Jyscal said...

Great reading! Try not to over stress your selves and i hope everything works out well.