Friday, January 23, 2009

deck reacquiring phase

I've been in a huge reacquiring phase lately. I've been buying decks I used to have......and quite a few of them. LOL I'm enjoying them immensely. So it's not like I feel remorse after getting them again. As a matter of fact I'm flipping through and enjoying them all.

But I've been wondering why I'm doing this. I've always been the type to only keep the ones I use. If I hadn't used them in over a year I traded or sold them. Now though alot of those I had before - used for awhile, then traded away - I'm wanting again. Since this is so opposite of what I've always done I decided to do a reading to see what I can find out about this.

And I'm of course using my PDR deck, the Merryday, which is one of those reacquistion decks I used to have years ago and reacquired just recently. (grin)

So I asked "Why am I reacquiring so many decks right now?" And this is what I got.

Card #1 - What I get out of it/them. 10 of Pentacles (key word Completion)
This is very interesting and reassuring. Maybe I'm coming full circle here. Alot of the decks I'm rebuying are ones I did like before but just never seemed to "get". And now that I've learned more and am more confident with my skills I can get more out of them.
What jumps out at me from this picture is the couple talking in the background. They are enjoying themselves. Just walking and talking. It seems I'm able to enjoy and "talk" to my decks better than I used to. They're like old friends now.
Card #2 - What I need to watch out for in doing all this reacquiring. Elemental (Centaur, Satyr) - (key words Instinctive, Common Sense)
This elemental seems to be telling me that even though I have all these decks I love and can communicate with, make sure I don't always run to my decks to answer questions. Trust my instincts and use common sense too.
The Centaur and Satyr in this card are setting off on a journey. They don't pull out the cards to tell them which way to go or what to do. LOL They use their knowledge and being sensitive to their surroundings to lead the way.
Card #3 - Outcome. Fire Dragon (key words Contained Fire)
By getting all these decks back I'll be energized. I'll be running full steam ahead. LOL The fire dragon is straight energy. But in this card he is somewhat contained. OK, I was getting a bit stumped as to what this meant exactly so I looked him up in the book. (giggle) This is what it says.
"The pure element of fire, when unleased, can scorch or burn. When held in check, fire can enlighten or inspire. Our dragon has four chains around his neck, which binds his fire from being destructive. This is a fierce dragon representing spirit, intuition, motivation, and activity. In a chart, it ushers in warmth, healing, spiritual enlightenment, and the breath of inspiration. Pure and unadulterated, it is able to singe and scald, but when restrained, fire will ignite an idea or situation with hope and insight. A wonderful card when it comes up in reference to an idea or project, as it's purity of integrity and inspiration is unmatched."
Which tells me that by reacquiring all these decks I will have all these different ways to inspire and motivate myself. I will also beable to open my intuition and get new ideas and insight. hmm..... I like that.


firefrost said...

Enjoy your new decks!

Roxanne / faunabay said...

(giggle) I sure am!!!

souljourney said...

I did that with a couple of decks. Most I keep long enough OR they immediately strike me as ones I can't stand. It's where I think they are pretty or different structured, but I can't read with them where I get messed up. I'll get rid of it and then later realize I shouldn't have. I have several decks I'm keeping just because I don't want to have to get them back later.

Roxanne / faunabay said...

Exactly souljourney. You said it perfectly! This is what I've realized finally . A little to late as far as I'm concerned....and my pocket book is concerned. LOL But I have learned it now.

sapienza said...

It's interesting when we require a deck, or even start to use a deck again after a long period of time. I think it's a good measure of how we have grown, both in our knowledge of tarot and also as a person. It sounds like you are growing well Roxanne. Enjoy.

Karl Thomas said...

Your interpretation of the couple walking seems spot on: you're probably going to have deeper relationships with these decks now.

Owd Scrat said...

Hi Faunabay!

6 Haunted Days here! Just wanted to say hi and I sure MISS talking to you : )

Lisa said...

This post made me smile! I know exactly where you're coming from here... and your reading makes a lot of sense! I can just picture that dragon smiling sagely as you empower yourself by using symbolic imagery that speaks to you in the decks that you came full circle with... Oh, and I love your profile pic, btw! How did you make it?