Monday, January 19, 2009

issues with someone in a study group

I'm in another study group that does conference calls on saturdays. It's new group...just started about a month ago. But it already is growing quickly. The guy who is "in charge" is very nice and helpful, but of course he wants and needs help.
Well he had asked me to help with something before the calls even started. And now he says he doesn't even remember emailing with me on this. (We emailed back and forth for 2 days???) It's very strange as I wasn't hinting or even expecting to be asked to help. I was excited to do so, but it wasn't anything I was pushing for or even expecting to be needed.
Then there's been other instances where he's forgotten me in the group too??? It's just extremely weird and I don't understand what's going on, because as I said he is a very nice guy and we didn't even know each other before a month ago. Since something similar has happened 3 times now I thought I'd do a reading to see if I could get a handle on what is happening - what I might do, or shouldn't do.

So the first card I drew was "his point of view - what's going on with him that I ought to know". I drew the Student - his keyword is curiosity. The Student corresponds to the Chariot in other decks.

This student is on a quest. He's on a quest to discover as much as he can - about whatever he's intent on mastering. He will explore all options to learn as much as he can to. But that also means he can seem oblivious to other things around him. Other things are not as important as his studies.

Now thinking about me in this "world". I'm not as important as his studies and learning and hopefully mastering. So even though he is sort of in charge of this study group, to him it's not the most important thing. In his mind he can let it fall to the wayside if it gets in the way of what's important to him......learning.

And that does make perfect sense in the realm of our study group.

Now the card I drew for me - "my point of view in this" is the Fool/Wizard. Keywords of Naivete and Wisdom. Again this makes perfect sense for me here too!

I am new to this group. Now while the study group is a new thing alot of these people have met each other before at workshops. I haven't met any of them before joining. I did get involved with this group thinking everything would be great. It's a spiritual group. Everyone will be wonderful, with no problems. LOL Yep, kind of naive.

But if you also look at this card the flip side of this fool is a Wizard. You can create wonderful things when you believe you can! Without the preconceived notions of rules and limitations.

Although looking at this card the Fool figure is facing forward, but the Wizard is looking behind. Maybe the things that are created might not be visible until you/I have some hindsight. hmmm..... Maybe some of the things I'm going through right now as the Fool will later show themselves to be wonderful creations I'm not aware of now.

The third card was the problem or issue between the two of us. I drew the 8 of Wands. Keyword Conduit.

If you think of this card with the "regular" meaning - things are moving so fast that in Andrew's mind sometimes things will get left behind. And lately that's been me. But are there other people getting the same treatment as me? Has he forgotten about others emails and conversations with other people? Very possibly.

Then if I move to the keyword specific for this deck and think of our issues as a conduit???? Maybe they are happening for another reason. Happening so other things may happen in the future????

Now the 4th card is "What can I do to help?" And I got the Winter King. Keywords Keen, Strong, Patient. This is the King of Pentacles in other decks.

What I get the most here is Patience. Stick to my beliefs and morals, but be patient with what's going on with this group. There will be growing pains. There usually are. Especially in something that seems to be taking off as fast as this is.

This king looks very calm and collected. Doesn't look to be rattled by much of anything.

So if I call upon the Winter King's patience, be strong, and pay attention to what exactly is happening, I can handle what happens without "loosing it" or getting upset anymore.

Now though the "Outcome" card I drew is the 4 of Cups. Keyword "Misplaced Beliefs". I'm not quite sure how to take this.

If I look at this artwork and place myself in the Indian's place I see the white Eagle bringing me something wonderful. But at the same time this Indian doesn't even see the Eagle coming. He's too intent on trying to see what's beneath the surface of the water. Trying to see in depths he can't understand. If he would just look up and see what's coming, instead of looking down too deep........hmmm.......

But this is the outcome if I don't change anything. Also though the outcome if I follow the Winter King's advice. ??????

While I like the white Eagle bringing me something, I don't like the focus being on things I don't need to be dwelling on. So while the rest of the reading makes perfect sense to me I'm not quite sure how to take this outcome card. I'll need to think about this some more. And of course any comments would be appreciated.


souljourney said...

Interesting reading.
I get the feeling this group the guy runs is for/about him. He may be leading this group but it's not about helping others so much as making a name or profiting in some way for himself.
I see the Winter King as a card of boundaries. Make sure to keep yours. If you feel he has forgotten you when you help out... don't help out. I'm not sure what this group is or how big, but even if someone doesn't remember everyone who's in it, if you are on a conference call you would think he would have a list of everyone in that call. That way he could acknowledge everyone.
For whatever reason, I feel with the 4 card you are going to end up dissatisfied with either the group, the teachings, or something.
Don't know if any of this is applicable...

Roxanne / faunabay said...

I've been trying to put this in as few words as I can to explain what this study group is, but I keep going and going. LOL

Let's just say that he's running this study group/conference call for a much larger spiritual group.

So he very well could be trying to make a "name" for himself within this larger group - not truely for the good of everyone. But if so he's not doing a very good job. LOL

I do think the actual premise and message for the study group is something I'm very interested and drawn to, but whether I'll learn what I expect from this actual group????? You may be right. I may end up dissatisfied.

Jewel said...

I tend to agree with SoulJourney in a lot of ways.

What I get out of this reading is that he is self absorbed in his own learning world, and does not acknowlege those who help along the way. The whole study group thing is new to you so you are in effect the Fool. What you do does strengthen the group, whether he remembers or not, so your contribution is valid, but ultimately a conduit for him looking good. Yes, you need to set boundaries I clearly see this in the Winter King. If he is not willing to acknowlege your contributions even in a private e-mail with you, then don't bother helping out. If you keep helping out and he continues to not acknowlege you then indeed the outcome will be the 4 of cups. You will get something out of being a part of the group (what the bird brings), but you will feel hurt and possibly looking feeling like you did not get what you expected out of the group (indian looking in water).

The wizard portion of Card 2, I believe is allowing you to see this and recognize this. So talk to the guy (again the 8 of wands - conduit), if he does not change his ways then quit helping out and just become a participant. That way you will get what the bird brings, and not be so interested in the water or what is in it.

Just my two pearls worth *LOL*

Jyscal said...

I was in a similiar situation not so long ago. But it was a friend. She would permanently forgot arrangements we made etc. I simply confronted her to ask what was going on with her. She said its not that she forgot entirely, but rather she has so much on her plate, and i know shes not the type of person who can handle alot of stuff at once. This isnt exactly the same situation as yours, but i hope it can help at least a little.

Lisa said...

The sense of dissatisfaction is already there, and IF nothing changes it will still be there... However, I believe the Winter King does have the Power to change this. How? Well, in my world he's the last 10 degrees of Leo and the first 20 of Virgo. He's courageous and has an eye for detail. He's a good communicator and not afraid of speaking his truth. He realises that even leaders might need a little nudge now and again if they've lost track of their priorities...