Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hello again!

I've decided to start my blog back up again. I want a place I can talk about my decks.....tarot, lenormand, oracle, think it's time to get this thing running again. :-D

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Light and Shadow Reading

OK, I decided it was time for me to do something with my PDR once again. It's been over two weeks and I've missed it. :-) Since I hadn't done the Light and Shadow spread yet that's what I've got.

1)Significator - 4 of Wands (keyword Celebration)
Well this is a nice card to have as my significator! Alot of partying and happiness - music and dancing! I do actually feel like that right now too! I've had a really good, relaxing weekend so far. No physical partying and dancing but alot of internal fun times. LOL
2) The Light - Elemental Centaur/Satyr (keywords Instinctive, Common Sense)
OK, this card represents the earth elementals - which I very much relate to. They are trotting along paying attention to their surroundings and listening to what the earth and animals have to say. This is the what I always try to do. I listen to my instincts, my intuition......well mostly! LOL And know when I do that my life is easier and flows better.
3) How I move farther into the Shadow - 9 of Swords (keyword Clairvoyance)
Those of you who've been reading my PDR know I've gotten this card quite often. I find it VERY interesting to see it here in this position.....very fitting actually. I do have to keep this in mind all the time. I can get down in the dumps and sad sometimes because of what I "hear and see" empathically. I can also spiral down myself when I get down on myself. My empathy and intuition can get the better of me sometimes. So it's very fitting to see this card in the "how I move farther into the shadow" position.
4) The Shadow - 4 of Cups (keywords Misplaced Beliefs)
Another card I've had often lately!! I seeing a trend here. LOL My shadow is not paying attention to the good and focusing on the negative too often. This is truely one of my issues. I try VERY hard to always see something good in every situation. Of course it doesn't always work. I do get caught up in negativity sometimes. The indian in this picture is looking into the water trying to find things that are hidden, instead of looking up at the white eagle right in front of him bringing the cup to him. OH! That is a very important sentence for me to remember!!!!!!! I do pick at things from all angles, trying to see everything, every aspect, which sometimes makes me miss things right in front of me. Wow! This is really striking a chord with me. I NEED to remember this!!
5) How I can move farther into the Light - Queen of Wands (keyword Inspirational)
This is nice! She's very sure of herself. She's got her own protection with her staff and her own animal to call upon. But even though she looks quite ferocious if you look at her dress and animal, when you look at her face she is very confident and almost looks like she could start smiling. So for me to move farther into the light I need to quit looking for hidden things (4 of Cups) and be sure I will be able to take care of myself....whatever pops up. Live in the Light!!! This whole card is very sunlike!
This reading is very appropriate for me right now. I've been looking at intuition and my empathy as a hidden gift....something that I have to fight to keep under control or some inner thing not to be brought into the light. (I didn't even realize I've been thinking this way either) What the Queen of Wands and Earth Elemental are telling me is it's no big deal. I should allow it to be out there in the light, in my day to day actions. The keywords - Instinctive and Inspirational, are ones I am going to keep in the forefront of my mind.
I just feel like jumping up and down and going DUH!! LOL This spread has really opened my eyes to some of the things I've been doing and believing that when I look at head on I know I shouldn't have been thinking that way. Empathy and intuition are not things only to be pulled out at night, in the dark. They are there in the light of day and can help me get through life in an easier manner and flow.
I'm not quite explaining myself how I want to. I don't mean that I've believed empathy and intuition are bad or negative things. I've never believed that. But I guess, without meaning to, they have become something in my mind that should be mysterious. Yes, that's it. Instead of just being a day to day thing I live with I've made them somehow mysterious and ????? can't think of the word. Whatever though. LOL Because I've just realized I've been doing that and it's stopped now.
I think I'm going to be coming back to this reading now and again. It's an important one for me to remember!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Having a bad day.......

I'm having a bit of an icky day today. Just don't feel emotionally good. So I thought I'd do a reading to see how I can help myself enjoy the day more. I did a 3 card spread......

1) What should I do today?

2) What shouldn't I do today?

3) Overall

1) What should I do today? - 9 of Swords - keywords Clairvoyance

This is the "nightmare" card in other decks, but here when I look at this card I see her ignoring the perceived scary darkness around her and paying more attention to her intuition. She does have a tear in her eye, but she's concentrating on getting past it. Sometimes knowledge can be scary......where does your intuition really come from? Should you trust it or not? She always knows more than she really is comfortable knowing. And this is so me!!! Sometimes I wish I could just LIVE my life in ignorance of what more there is in the universe. Then of course I come back to myself and love that I don't. LOL But there are times........ So what's she's telling me to do today is accept that I can access more than just the everyday information. Yes, sometimes it's hard, but overall I really do like that it's there for me to see.

2) What shouldn't I do today? - 4 of Cups - keywords Misplaced Beliefs

This indian brave is sitting there completely ignoring the white eagle coming to bring him a full cup. He's got his head down, not looking at anything more than feeling sorry for himself. There is alot of depth and beauty in his surroundings but he's not paying a bit of attention to any of it. So I shouldn't close myself off today. Pay attention to what is around me, not just wallowing in the negative emotions I have been feeling so far today. Look up! Pay attention! There are people, things, etc that are there to help me if I only look up to see them.

3) Overall - Tower - keywords Self Awakening

Eek! But this Tower card shows someone grasping the lightning....using it to expand his awareness.....maybe burning away that which he does not need anymore. hmmmm.......I just saw a small person down at the bottom of the tower looking up. From where he is he can't quite see what's happening at the top, but he's curious. He wants to know. Maybe this is telling me it's a journey to self awakening. You start at the bottom and work your way up to where you can access and ride the lightning. It's not an easy pathway, but through determination and commitment it can be done.

OK, so how to put this all together????? To me it's almost as if the 9 of Swords and the Tower are two parts of the same thought. That it's not always easy. Sometimes the most rewarding things give you doubts every now and again. I love the spiritual work I do, but sometimes wish it wasn't so hard. And sometimes I do want to just wallow in my misery. LOL Of course all that does it make me feel worse, but..... LOL So I should be looking at today as part of the journey. I am heading where I want to be going, but it is hard sometimes. I think mostly because of my doubts and uncertainty. I think I make it harder than it needs to be and I'm being told to snap out of it. LOL Just accept!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Daily message

OK, today I drew the Water Elemental - Mermaid. (Keywords are Altruistic, Bountiful)
Emotions will be high today. It's up to me to decide whether to allow the positive or negative emotions to be in the forefront. This little mermaid seems to have alot of friends surrounding her, but she's staring off into space (well the water LOL) not paying any attention to them. Or at second glance she's looking straight into the fish right above her.
She has just given me an example of truely paying attention. My first impression was she was closing herself off. But upon looking closer I see she is probably conversing with the fish.
So the way I see this now I'm to pay attention to the way I'm comprehending things today. My first impression may be wrong.....or at least I could see things in a better light if I look closer. Don't just take things at face value today.
I love the white dolphin smiling up in the corner. I need to keep him with me today to keep an inner smile going all day long. :-)