Monday, January 12, 2009

Daily card

Since aeclectic is still down I thought it would be a good time to draw another card for the day. And this one is very appropriate for me! Mediation, tranquility, slowing down.

I've been doing this since Christmas but still need it. This gentleman is very tranquil and serene.....setting there meditating.

For quite a while I've just been going and going and going. Now it's time to slow down or my body will make me slow down. It already has a bit.....I'm still trying to completely get rid of this head cold/sinus infection. MADE me slow down.

I love that in this card, while the room is kind of monochromatic - even to the point of his clothes being so, there is a picture of nature showing water, mountains, and green grass and trees. I see the monochromatic color as a way to slow the mind down.

And......I just realized something. This "picture" could very well be a window. So the monochromatic color of the room slows and calms the mind down before going back out into the, while beautiful, sometimes hectic outside world!! hmmm......I'd never seen this in the card before. Makes perfect since to me though.
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Hils said...

I like your 'window' idea. It kind of seems that he knows people are going to look, and that's what he wants. We could all learn something from him.

Roxanne / faunabay said...

I've never seen that as a window before this reading. To me it has always been a picture. But's a window. LOL Obviously it's a message and hopefully I got it.

But I do like what you bring up about people looking in - and learning from his tranquility. I was just thinking about him looking out - and possibly being distracted. hmmm..... another way to view it. Thank you for that different viewpoint.

souljourney said...

I love this card. Slow down is a good message for you right now it seems like. Your body is forcing you too do just that. Did you ignore the "slow down" message for a while, then get sick? Look at my other blog... some suggestions for the cold/flu stuff.
How much does it SUCK that AT is down!

Urieh said...

We are all very dependent on AT! It sucks that it's down. I just hope some a-hole didn't hack it.

Anyway, tarot is all about those little flashes of intuition such as your picture-as-window. I think you have definitely reached a pinnacle there.

Keep up the good work!

Roxanne / faunabay said...

Aren't we KK? We are just SO dependent on AT. I'm truely going throught withdrawals! LOL I'm extremely glad we got these blogs up and running....just in time. So at least we can talk through them until AT is back!

And yes, souljourney, I did ignore the slow down message for quite a while. And yes, my body did "take me down". But I am finally getting it somewhat under control now. I have slowed down and am taking more time and not over doing it. So I'm getting better now....finally!

Onyx said...

I am dying over here too! Thank God! We all started blogs so that we could still live and breathe tarot while the forum is down.

Great post and insight into the card.