Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This is my card of the day. The 8 of cups shows me I will beable (and should) leave behind old emotional
thought patterns and issues. Moving forward. Who know what I'll find if I open myself up by letting go of old
This card is lovely. The Indian man is ready to move into the mysterious area shown by the moon. He's looking toward the doorway cut through the rocks. What's through it - on the other side? He doesn't know but he's ready to see. He's got his back to us (the present) and is looking forward to the future - the unknown.

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Hils said...

Another deck I'm going to enjoy following!

I've read your posts and your deck seems to read very nicely.

I'm so enjoying myself with this PDR!

Urieh said...

You have inspired me to do *just* one card for this week :)

sapienza said...

Certainly an interesting deck. I just love the cups in this one, and that wonderful moon. This card is my favourite in most decks, I always find it exciting for some reason, perhaps is the unknown.