Thursday, January 15, 2009

Merryday tarot book

I've just gotten the Merryday book in the mail today! Interestingly enough though I'm not sure how much I'll use it. Although there is alot more information in there than just the card meanings. Alot of numerology....interesting, but very different, strange numerology. It's pretty much Louisa Poole's own brand of numerology. LOL
One thing I love though is she goes into quite a lot of depth with the symbols used in the cards. So what I might do in the future is interpret the reading on my own then go into the book and see what symbols she's used and add that to my understanding.
As a little advertisement! For those of you who really like the Merryday deck and book but can't seem to find it anywhere......Dark Star Philosophies has more of both the deck and book coming and will have them both in stock very shortly (if not already) and were very helpful. Even to the point of giving me a phone call because they had a question for me about how I wanted it shipped. Very nice and helpful!


souljourney said...

Glad you got the book. Not really into her depth of numerology either, but I also like the depth of symbols she discusses in the cards. Lots of little bitty stuff too.

Jyscal said...

Great book! Definately on my wishlist now that i know more about it!

Karl Thomas said...

Thanks for the tip on Darkstar, I had never heard of them, though I'll admit to being a tarot garden fan.

I like your approach of reading first, and leaning into what the cards say to you as your primary learning tool. Wise choice.

Sara said...

Dark Star is where I ordered my Merryday deck and book as well. They're just great people to work with!

Haven't gotten the book yet, but I'm sorta taking the same approach as you are. I plan to listen to what the cards say to me first, then read the book, and then analyze and put it all together.

I'm so glad to have a Merryday buddy! Yay!

myrrha said...

This deck has so many intriguing details. I can see how the book would be helpful, to get an idea of what the artist was thinking.