Monday, January 5, 2009

PDR - my first reading

OK, I've done my first reading for the PDR study. This is going to be fun! I asked "What will I learn from this study?" I drew 3 cards - didn't specify any meanings to each space. I just read what came up.

The first card is Water Warrior (Knight of Cups). She talks of emotional release....not holding onto emotions just letting them flow like water. Along with Release her other keyword is me this means I'll have to be aware of how this release may become like a tsunami - out of control and overwhelming - if I'm not focused and paying attention. During this study she will be here to teach and show me how to allow my emotions to flow like water without overwhelming me.

The second card is the 8 of Swords. The keywords here are Sense Awareness. The guy in this card is blindfolded but also very aware of what is going on around him. Through the path of swords and the stream of water he is moving through what looks like a tai chi type movement. He shows how you can have all these distractions around you but still be able to concentrate on what you are doing. So this study will help me awaken my other senses and be open to making mental leaps that I may not have been able to do before.

The third card is Mentor (Heirophant). He is showing me by setting boundaries and goals I can learn. I've never been one for too many goals. LOL But he's here to show me how you can learn and build upon that learning by sticking with something and paying attention. In the past I have always just kind of muddled about how I felt drawn. In doing that I don't stick with anything long enough to really get deep learning. Mentor's keyword is Earth Knowledge. And by listening to him and setting this boundaries and goals I will be more grounded with my knowledge and beable to pass it on more easily. He's a very kindly, friendly soul here in this card and passes on his knowledge freely.

It's interesting that I got one cup and sword in this I struggle with my emotions and thinking about things too much. Both of those can overwhelm me to the point where I can't move forward if I let it get to that point. So this PDR will help me with this. I like that. And to have a major arcana show up also lets me know this will not be just a day to day learning. It will be deeper than that. It's also funny that the Mentor is the major arcana card - as I've always had trouble with the Heirophant in other decks. I don't do well with authority figures usually. LOL But in this deck he's such a friendly, nonthreatening figure that I feel I can really learn from and with him!

So in listening to this reading I will really be focusing on the aspects within myself that I do need to pay attention to. That this PDR will be very good for me.

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Karl Thomas said...

Nice work on the reading, glad you switched to blogspot!