Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Daily draw

I've been having a hard time figuring out a spread to do and "making" myself do it. All the sudden I was like......why do I have to do a spread. I was getting alot of information out of just one card before. LOL So that's what I've done. I drew a card for today.

And I drew the King of Fire (keyword Passion). Which at first glance is a strange card for me today. All morning I've felt very laid back, not too excited about anything. So as of right now I'm a bit confused. It'll be interesting to see what the day brings from here on out. Now I do have a busy afternoon and evening. This is the quiet part of my day. But it's also not crazy busy either. hmmm......

But let's just go from here. What does the King of Fire have to tell me? Maybe I ought to bring more passion into my day. I'm too laid back right now. Sometimes when you're too laid back you can fall into boring. He's asking me where my passion is!

I do really have a connection with dragons. Maybe I need to talk to them today. Become one with the dragon as this King is. Dragons can be laid back but don't ever think they are easy going because of that laid back nature. They can breath fire when they want to. LOL

So today I'm this Dragon Lord! I can be laid back but still have that passionate fire burning inside!!! Burn away boring! LOL


Angela said...

LOL. And here I was feeling thankful for "boring" - literally before I read your post. :) Other than the few Three of Swords experiences over the past month, I've been consistently choosing cards like the Six of Pentacles, Temperance, Six of Cups, etc.

Positive passion (rather than drama), can definitely a good thing, though.

Roxanne / faunabay said...

Oh yes, positive passion is good. I just won't do drama!! LOL
But truthfully even at the end of the day I don't see much Dragon King energy in my day. Maybe I had just enough to keep me from being boring, without getting too passionate either. LOL