Thursday, March 5, 2009

Daily message

OK, today I drew the Water Elemental - Mermaid. (Keywords are Altruistic, Bountiful)
Emotions will be high today. It's up to me to decide whether to allow the positive or negative emotions to be in the forefront. This little mermaid seems to have alot of friends surrounding her, but she's staring off into space (well the water LOL) not paying any attention to them. Or at second glance she's looking straight into the fish right above her.
She has just given me an example of truely paying attention. My first impression was she was closing herself off. But upon looking closer I see she is probably conversing with the fish.
So the way I see this now I'm to pay attention to the way I'm comprehending things today. My first impression may be wrong.....or at least I could see things in a better light if I look closer. Don't just take things at face value today.
I love the white dolphin smiling up in the corner. I need to keep him with me today to keep an inner smile going all day long. :-)


souljourney said...

So how did this play into your day?

Roxanne / faunabay said...

hmmm......good question. And I'm not quite sure. I had a nice quiet day at home. And with the weather the way it was I felt really good all day long.

So I don't know whether the mermaid helped me stay this way. I did make a conscious effort to focus on the good after doing this draw. But then promptly forgot about it. LOL Maybe some of it stuck anyway though. Because I had a wonderful day.

SwimmingInTarot said...

This is a beautiful deck. Good work noticing the mermaid's gaze. Could even be her friends are listening in on the conversation between her and the fish.

cherylleebest said...

SwimmingInTarot is right - it is a lovely deck! Sometimes there's nothing lovlier than a quietly joyful day at home, surrounded by all that is familiar and part of you. x